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The Inspiration

The story of THINK began in the inner-city streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an impoverished neighborhood called Brickyard, notorious for high rates of crime, violence, and drug use.  It was here that  Dr. Quebec Logan, the founder of THINK, was raised by a single mother of three and learned some of life's harshest lessons at a very young age.

Determined to not be a victim of his life's circumstance and to secure a future devoid of prison or an early death, upon graduating from high school Quebec began the daunting task of trying to transform his life and the lives of those in his community through the pursuit of a college education.  Undeterred by his family's lack of college going experience and lack of financial resources, Quebec remained steadfast in his educational pursuits.  With assistance from extended family members, friends, and mentors, Quebec was able to not only earn a bachelors degree from Lincoln University (PA), but he went on to earn a Masters  degree from Arizona State University, and a Doctoral degree from Florida State University as well.

The Transformation


The Dedication

 After over 20 years of  work in the field of mental health at a multitude of institutions, agencies, programs, and community service organizations throughout the US, Dr. Logan turned his eye toward private practice in 2017, and THINK Psychological & Consulting Services was born.  THINK was created as part of Dr. Logan's on-going effort to provide culturally competent professional psychological services to traditionally underserved populations, troubled youth, and individuals of varying cultural and ethnic descent, while embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds.

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